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Horace Small & Dickies 2022


THE POWER OF THE BRANDS Dickies is the leading global brand of innovative and trusted workwear. We have a proud heritage of providing tough, quality apparel to workers for 96 years. In that time, Dickies has evolved from a bib overall to both a full range of workwear uniforms and a world-class consumer brand. TRUSTED. As the global leader in performance workwear, 96% of American workers recognize the Dickies brand for quality, durability, and value. INNOVATIVE FEATURES. Unique fabrics, features, and fits that will improve your comfort and performance. DURABILITY. Garments that work as hard as you do. Dickies garments last longer and retain their color better than any other workwear uniforms on the market. IMAGE. Uniquely designed for today’s workforce, Dickies garments look as great as they perform. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Since 1922, Dickies quality has been built into every product. We will gladly replace a garment if you are not satisfied for any reason. THERE’S NO JOB BIGGER. THERE’S NO DETAIL TOO SMALL. At Horace Small, our collective purpose is to honor and equip those who step into harm’s way with the industry’s most intuitively designed uniforms. That demands a commitment to not just sweating the details – but elevating them. We start by listening to the men and women of law enforcement, corrections, firefighting, security, and emergency services. Understanding how they move, how they reach for their equipment, how body temperature impacts their performance. Even what features they believe may enhance their safety on the street. Then, we apply that learning into an array of state-of-the-art, stealth advances. Stealth innovations based on a true collaboration that anticipates, and ultimately addresses, every functional need that arises in the line of duty. It’s these little details that result in such a sizable advantage for the professionals who wear our uniforms. It’s these little details that we at Horace Small live in, every day. After all, there’s no job bigger than the one you do. ©2021 “Dickies” is a trademark of W.D. Apparel Company, LLC. Manufactured under license. 6 HORACE SMALL Visit our website | DICKIES Visit our website

©2021 “Dickies” is a trademark of W.D. Apparel Company, LLC. Manufactured under license. Use this icon reference guide to help quickly identify the icons seen throughout the catalog), and the descriptions of the unique garment features and benefits they represent. EXECUTIVE WASH FRIENDLY EXECUTIVE WASH FRIENDLY HOME WASH EXECUTIVE WASH FRIENDLY EXECUTIVE WASH FRIENDLY (HEAVY SOIL) This method of industrial laundering is commonly used to remove heavy soil with a combination of higher water temperature (160˚F max) and harsher chemistry; pH should be held to 11.5 max. More aggressive wash formulas may be necessary to remove heavy soils but may result in accelerated color loss, deterioration in performance of retroreflective trim and overall reduced garment service life. (LIGHT SOIL) This less aggressive industrial laundering process is commonly used on garments which are lightly soiled or made of fabrics that are not designed to withstand higher wash temperatures or harsher chemistry. In a typical light soil formula, water temperatures are usually held to a maximum of 140˚F and pH to 10.5 max. High-performance fabrics made with specialized polyester wrapped yarns for superior flexibility and exceptional abrasion resistance. Durable water repellent (DWR) finish repels water and water-based liquids FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT OUR WEBSITE: EXECUTIVE WASH FRIENDLY EXECUTIVE WASH FRIENDLY WASH CODES BODY ARMOR • Designed to accommodate ballistic armor worn under shirt BREATHABLE • Allows air to pass through the fabric easily COOL-FLEX® WAISTBAND • Unique 360° comfort waistband, woven with open mesh to promote stretch and breathability FEMALE VERSION • Garment designed especially for the female body FUNCTION FIT • Shorter rise for updated look • Contoured waistband to complement female curve • More room in seat and hip for easy movement and comfort • Unique 360° Comfort Cool-Flex® waistband MOISTURE TRANSPORT TECHNOLOGY • Dual fabric used to wick moisture away from the body and pass it through fabric PERMANENT SOIL RELEASE • Properties, treatment or fabric with the capacity to release substances without staining STRETCH • Advanced stretch for superior mobility VENTILATION • Open or meshed passage allowing air to flow freely WATER RESISTANT/REPELLENT • Properties, treatment or fabric with the capacity to resist, wick or repel water WRINKLE RECOVERY • Properties, treatment or fabric with a smooth fabric appearance after wash and wear VISA SYSTEM 3 by Milliken • Brand of soil release INDUSTRIAL LAUNDRY HOME WASH DRY CLEAN ALL GARMENTS MEET THE SPECIFICATION DEMANDS OF UNIFORM PERSONNEL. THE ICONS ABOVE DESIGNATE AREAS OF SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE. HORACE SMALL Visit our website | DICKIES Visit our website ICON REFERENCE GUIDE 7

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